Pairing Jake's

Jake's hand-cut pork pies are a meal in themselves, but they're also surprisingly versatile. (Well maybe not so surprising, given that each Jake's contains at least 100g of free-range pork.

Did you know wine is a perfect accompaniment to a Jake's pork pie? And vice versa? And while there's no right or wrong when it comes to pairing a Jake's with wine, here are a few ideas to get you started, from Dominic Lockyear of Fareham Wine Cellars (Matching wine with pork pie), and James Doidge of The Wine Treasury (What a right pair). 

You can also try for yourself at home, or try Jake's at wine festivals, including the Vineyards of Hampshire Wine Festival in July and the Winchester Wine Festival in November.

PS. Two of Jake's favourite pairings are with Hampshire sparkling wine, and with freezing cold Fino Sherry sitting out in the sun on a very hot day.

Proper English ale is a more traditional partner with a pie like Jake's but with an explosion in micro-breweries in the last few years the possibilities are virtually endless. Yet again, Jake's works with so many of them, whether your prefer hoppy, nutty, fruity or treacly.

Apples and pork. It doesn't get more classic than that. Sparkling or still, chilled or cool, sweet, dry or demi-sec, the simple seasoning in every Jake's makes them highly adaptable to a wide range of styles.

You can try Jake's with a vast range of beers and ciders for yourself at the Petersfield Beer & Cider Festivals in February and October.

Jake's pies don't just work with different drinks. They're also perfect for virtually any type of event: parties, picnics, weddings, fishing, shooting, rugby and cricket-going and even outdoor opera - not to mention all manner of corporate events.

Sound good? Drop us a line and we can talk prices, deliveries and any special requirements you might have.

See you soon!